Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security service that provides built-in protection against attacks over your internet connection, helping you mitigate the time and cost spent dealing with cyberattacks. The solution provides proactive protection against threats on the internet, such as malware, botnets and phishing attacks. It helps keep your organization safe by delivering clean traffic before it reaches your internal network, effectively learning where attacks are being staged, and blocking threats over all ports and protocols. You can be confident that with secure internet access, you are protected with a first layer of defense against malware.

Remote Security Issues

Relying on patches and policing employees to prevent ransomware and other cybercrime appears to be a never-ending emergency for organizations today. Coupled with the decreased visibility that comes from a dispersed remote workforce, and companies without sufficient security tools face a stark increase in security risk.

According to 600 individuals in companies?many with a headcount of less than 100?participating in a recent survey on cybersecurity:

  • $2,235,018 per year is the average amount spent in the aftermath of a cyberattack or data breach (up from $1,835,011).
  • 9,350 is the average number of records compromised in a data breach (up from 5,079).
  • 61% say their business was a victim of a cyberattack (up from 55%).
  • 54% say a negligent employee or contractor was the root cause of their data breaches (up from 48%).
  • And ransomware has increased from 2% to 52% over a 12 month period.

With so much at stake, ad-hoc patches and trusting employees to follow security protocols won?t cut it. Organizations need a better way to protect against cyber threats and establish reliable online security. Especially considering that 32% of respondents in that cybersecurity survey didn?t know the root cause of their data breaches, 66% said exploits and malware evaded their intrusion detection system and 81% said their anti-virus solutions failed.

Cisco Umbrella?s Fix

Fortunately, Cisco Umbrella addresses security with a comprehensive cloud-based platform that grants full visibility to network access and activity for businesses. This visibility extends to all endpoints and security parameters, and proactively monitors suspicious activity, whether your business is remote, centralized or a combination of the two.

Cisco Umbrella also helps keep your organization safe by:
1. Delivering clean traffic to your organization?s network, computers and other devices.
2. Intelligently predicting where cyberattacks are being staged before they strike.
3. Blocking threats over all ports and protocols.
Cisco Umbrella Powered by Venture Network Solutions

Cybercriminals have spent a lot of time figuring out how to get into your data. You don?t have the time to learn as much as they do to stop them. We do.
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