Today?s connectivity needs, driven by an increase in devices, data and cloud services, pose significant enterprise networking challenges, including capacity, speed and security.

In many cases, that means organizations need to refresh their network infrastructure with new enterprise network solutions designed to handle modern connectivity demands. Cisco offers a number of newer models that can still be managed in a way that?s familiar to your IT team but have a number of built-in capabilities that can help you overcome enterprise network challenges.

Top Cisco Catalyst Solutions

  1. Cisco Catalyst Switches: The 9000 series of Cisco Catalyst switches includes a range of devices that generally help optimize your network speed, capacity, security, management and even physical space. For example, the Cisco Catalyst 9300 series can double your stacking capacity compared to legacy models. Plus, the 9400 series has nearly ten times the maximum bandwidth of the older 4500 series switches.
  2. Cisco Integrated Services Routers: Newer enterprise network solutions, such as the Cisco 1000 series and the Cisco 4000 series of integrated services routers, are great options for those looking to combine switching, routing and wireless capabilities. Doing so can save physical space and simplify device management. These newer integrated services routers also feature strong security protections, such as advanced encryption.
  3. Cisco Catalyst Wireless Controllers/Access Points:Implementing new wireless enterprise network solutions, such as Cisco Catalyst wireless controllers and access points, can also help organizations utilize new connectivity standards like Wi-Fi 6.

For example, you can add the Cisco Catalyst 9800 wireless controller software to Cisco Catalyst 9300 series switches to save space and improve speed. You can also add Cisco Catalyst 9100 series access points, which provide strong support for new technologies like IoT devices.

Consulting With a Cisco Partner

These industry-leading options can help you overcome connectivity pain points to create a stronger, more reliable network. Working with a Cisco certified partner like Venture Network Solutions (VNS) can help you find the specific enterprise network solutions that meet your needs.

Compare router, switch and access point upgrade options in our complete guide. Download now to identify the best Cisco Catalyst upgrades for your existing tech.