Secure, thoughtful IT strategies are critical to an organization?s well-being and progress. At VNS, we aim to help clients reach their goals by simplifying their IT. We offer consulting, networking, security and vCIO services. We also provide unique services such as ergonomic design and network equipment trade-in programs.


For many organizations, the accelerated pace of technological advancement is both promising and worrisome. On the one hand, innovation promises a better future. On the other, choosing the right solutions for your needs and budget, planning them and implementing them can be intimidating, and the wrong decisions can have serious organization-wide consequences.

VNS offers consulting services on a range of IT topics. Whether you?re looking to future-proof your system by learning and applying new technology, boost productivity, create more ergonomic workstations or simply get a third-party perspective and guidance, we can help.

IT Security

Hacking is big business for cybercriminals, and organizations can no longer afford to continue without a security plan and hope for the best.

While it?s impossible to build a fully impregnable network, a well-architected defensive posture will thwart threats and hacks, allow you to identify breaches earlier and limit the scope of damage should one occur.

VNS can help you develop an IT security plan that accounts for your setup, needs and budget. Our experts have the experience, knowledge and certifications required to fortify networks of all shapes and sizes.


Networks are the lifeblood of any modern organization. If you find it challenging to hire and keep quality technical talent to manage your network, however, you?re not alone. That?s why VNS offers managed network services to support your networks, from planning to implementing to ongoing monitoring.

In addition to design, implementation and management, VNS can also help with budgeting, risk assessments, compliance obligations and more.


A chief information officer is the sole person charged with driving an organization forward as it relates to IT; however, many organizations don?t have the resources to hire a dedicated CIO / CISO.

Instead, we offer vCIO and vCISO services that provide you with a team member whose first priority is your organization?s overall goals. Our vCIOs and vCISOs go beyond simple transactions to offer you insights, suggestions, strategies directly aligned with your objectives and budget.

From recommending new initiatives to identifying areas for consolidation to save money, your vCIO/vCISO collaboratively addresses the full scope of your IT, including security, budget, efficiency, compliance and other areas. All with the purpose of driving your organization to a brighter, more rewarding future.

Why Choose VNS

We have been working with organizations throughout the state of Florida since 2007. Our IT services are designed to free organizations from the hassle of managing and securing networks, allowing them to redirect focus toward maximizing efficiency, productivity, performance and revenue.

Venture Network Solutions is a minority-owned company with an equally diverse pool of experts and engineers who can assist you through your transformation journey. We partner with leading vendors like Cisco to provide the best technology for the best price. You?re in good hands when you choose VNS.

We consistently train our engineers to ensure their expertise and understanding of new developments in the IT space. Our team holds the following credentials, among others:

  • CCDA.
  • CCNA Collaboration.
  • CSE.
  • PMP.
  • CCNA R&S.
  • CCNA Security.
  • CCNP R&S.