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Over many years, we've worked tirelessly to develop deep partnerships with major players like Cisco to build our rich portfolio of class-defining products. We're able to lean on these partnerships to bring our clients exclusive discounts. Here are a few of our best offers.

21-Day Free Trial: Cisco Umbrella Trial/POV (Proof of Value)

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform that provides visibility and protection for internet activity across every branch office, user, connected device and app. Now is the perfect time to secure your workforce, especially your mobile workforce. Do a 21-day trial, no obligation and no CC required, to see the proof of value of Umbrella in your organization. Sign up for your free 21-day trial today.

30-Day Free Trial: Cisco Webex

In response to the pandemic, Webex free trials are available for 30 days. Webex is the only end to end solution that puts security at the forefront outside of ease of use. Come experience Webex and it's bundled services such as Meetings, Teams, Calling and Video. Get started with your free trial.

30-Day Free Trial: Duo Account

Reduce your risk and improve productivity with Duo's trusted access security platform engineered to protect all users, devices and applications. Sign up for your 30-day free account today.

Cisco Financing

In today's world we rely on technology more than ever. With options like Easy Pay and SMB 5% Payment Solution Cisco has a finance option for an organization of every size. Financing enables an organization to get the latest technology for less without compromising their network's health and security. If you have any questions please inquire. We are happy to assist.


Need a complete solution to help you and your remote team stay secure? Look no further and take advantage of single and bundled discounts for hardware firewall (FPR & ASA), VPN (Anyconnect), Umbrella and subscription services such as IPS (Intrusion Prevension), AMP (Advanced Malware Protection) and Content Filtering. The more you bundle the more you save, and the more secure you are! Virtual ASAv and FPRv are also available for redundancy. All of this is backed by Cisco Talos. 


Enterprise Networks

Inquire about promotional discounts on industry leading Catalyst switches, ISR routers and Wi-Fi 6 access points. Popular models like C9200, C9200L, C9300, C9300L series switches as well as legacy switches such as 2960X and 3850 series.

Why Do Organizations Love Cisco Meraki?

Meraki is loved by all because it just works! Deployment is fast and the dashboard is easy to navigate and manage. Do not underestimate it's ability for advanced features such as SD-WAN, Umbrella integration, AMP and many other features. Our Meraki portfolio features wireless access points, switches and all-in-one security appliances, each powered by an abundance of forward-leaning technologies engineered for threat-adverse, future-focused organizations.

Product Highlight: MR Access Points

Ask us about our specials on the latest WiFi-6 compatible wireless access points. The MR36, MR46, MR56 are the flagship models for the new era of indoor access points. Other models exist for every application such as student housing/hospitality, medical, athletic stadiums, manufacturing and industrial applications. Contact us to learn more about our access point pricing and special offers.

Product Highlight: MS Switches

The MS series switches are versatile cloud managed switches that come in various port configurations. Options are available for SOHO, SMB, branch and to the data center. The configuration options are endless. This product family provides network admins a prolific toolkit that can be used to configure and secure multiplex network systems with ease. Contact us to learn more about our Meraki switch pricing and special offerings.

Product Highlight: MX Security Appliances

The MX security appliances are next gen firewalls built in SD-WAN. Each appliance is an Identity Based Firewall, capable of IPS, Auto VPN, Content Filtering, Advanced Malware Protection, Application Visibility & Control and High Availability/Failover. Choosing Enterprise or Advanced Security licensing allows you to only pay for t you need. With SD-WAN, you are able to save costs from being dependent on more expensive WAN links like MPLS. Easy integration with Cisco Umbrella and Threatgrid. All of this is backed by Cisco Talos, the world renowned security research team.  Contact us to learn more about our Meraki security pricing and special offerings.

Don't see what you're looking for? These are just a handful of the products we offer. Call us today to learn more about our current offers, promotions and pricing.