Thriving in this ultra-connected world requires having the right enterprise network solutions that can support increasingly complex connectivity needs. From having more devices connecting to networks to using more resource-intensive cloud services to needing to guard against evolving cybersecurity threats, today?s networks need to support far more than they have in the past.

As such, many organizations with older enterprise network solutions like switches, routers, wireless controllers and access points need to refresh their infrastructure with newer models that can overcome traditional network pain points, including:

  1. Capacity: Older network infrastructures may not have the capacity to handle the amount of traffic today?s organizations generate, so upgrading to new enterprise network solutions can help avoid issues like buffering. For example, the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series has a chassis bandwidth of only 960 Gbps, while the 9400 series has nearly ten times the maximum bandwidth.
  2. Speed: Similar to capacity constraints, legacy enterprise network solutions often cannot meet today?s speed demands. Subpar throughput in devices like switches and wireless controllers can hamper productivity and create a frustrating experience for employees and other network users that have come to expect fast connections.
  3. Security: In addition to network performance issues, organizations using legacy infrastructure may also face security concerns, such as not being able to block malicious network traffic. As such, organizations may need to refresh their infrastructure with devices that have built-in security features like advanced encryption and strong firewall capabilities.
  4. Physical Space: As an organization grows, its physical IT stack can become unwieldy. However, technology generally trends toward packing more capabilities into more compact spaces ? think of how early computers took up entire rooms, compared with the processing power in today?s mobile devices. Newer IT infrastructure and equipment?like upgrading to newer switches, for example?can increase stacking capabilities and help save space.
  5. Device Management: Another enterprise network pain point for those using legacy IT assets can be trying to gain oversight over all the infrastructure within an organization. Newer models, however, can often easily be managed in the cloud, which can also make it easier to configure issues related to security, like access management. And with newer network solutions, like SD-WAN, you can get an overview of the network as a whole?as well as dial down into granular views of connected endpoints, network activity and more?all from a single-pane-of-glass dashboard.

To overcome challenges like these holistically without pouring all their resources into one IT initiative, organizations often turn to managed network service providers. A Cisco certified partner like Venture Network Solutions, for example, can guide you through assessing which areas of your enterprise network you need to refresh and help you implement the enterprise network solutions you need.

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