Without the right IT infrastructure, organizations can struggle to keep up with increasing connectivity demands. That?s why many organizations need to refresh their enterprise network hardware, including switches, routers and access points, with newer models designed to keep up with today?s challenges.

In particular, companies using older models?like the Cisco Catalyst 4500 switch series?are often bogged down by limitations in:

  1. Capacity: Legacy enterprise network solutions may not provide enough bandwidth to handle the amount of traffic on your network, which will only grow as you connect more devices.
  2. Speed: In addition to needing more capacity, many organizations with older enterprise network solutions do not have the infrastructure in place to support the speed that employees and customers have come to expect.
  3. Security: To help guard against increasing cybersecurity risks, you need enterprise network solutions that incorporate security protections, such as having a strong firewall.
  4. Physical Space: Older devices, such as switches, can take up significant amounts of physical space. To streamline your IT infrastructure, you can upgrade to newer models that are more streamlined and compact.
  5. Device Management: Older enterprise network solutions
    can be difficult to manage as a whole and require on-site resources. Yet newer IT infrastructure can overcome this enterprise network pain point by enabling cloud-based device management.

Implementing Enterprise Network Solutions

To overcome these challenges, organizations should consider upgrading to newer, more capable devices. Some of the top-recommended solutions include:

  1. Cisco Catalyst Switches: Newer models, such as the 9000 series of Cisco Catalyst switches, provide a range of benefits, including more throughput, higher capacity, enhanced security and easier management. These devices can also save physical space with increased stacking capabilities..
  2. Cisco Integrated Services Routers: The Cisco 1000 series and the Cisco 4000 series of integrated services router combine switching, routing and wireless capabilities into one device. In addition to saving space, these devices also have a number of features designed to meet today?s connectivity needs, such as advanced encryption.
  3. Cisco Catalyst Wireless Controllers/Access Points: Newer models of these enterprise network solutions can help increase wireless speed. They can also help enable new technologies and standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and IoT devices.

Implementing new enterprise networking solutions may seem complex, but working with a Cisco certified partner like Venture Network Solutions can make it easy to find the right IT infrastructure for your needs.

We?ve developed a full guide that compares router, switch and access point upgrade options. Download now to identify the best Cisco upgrades for your existing tech.