Security threats continue to grow, particularly as more employees use devices and access confidential data outside of your corporate network. While you may be comfortable with the security protections you have in place within your main data center and network, Cisco Umbrella helps cover gaps that you otherwise might not be able to protect, such as when an employee checks their work email via their home WiFi network.

By using DNS-level protection, Cisco Umbrella can block web-based threats that can affect on- and off-network devices. Plus, this cloud-based security solution provides other comprehensive protections to prevent attacks before they launch, such as by scanning files for malware and utilizing a cloud-delivered firewall, all while simplifying oversight for IT teams.

In an environment where more employees are working remotely, this type of solution becomes even more critical for security without impeding employees? workflows.

Leverage a Cisco Umbrella Free Trial

Getting started with Cisco Umbrella is easy. Venture Network Solutions (VNS) is offering a 21-day free trial so you can see for yourself how Cisco Umbrella simplifies and enhances your security.

You can get started in 30 seconds, without having to use a credit card or make a phone call. Simply enter a few details about yourself and your organization, and you?ll start receiving benefits like:

  • Top-quality threat protection to block malware, phishing and command-and-control callbacks.
  • Worldwide security coverage, without having to add any hardware or maintain any software; we?ll help you manage the solution.
  • A personalized, weekly security report, delivered directly to your inbox, summarizing issues such as malicious requests.

Plus, if you have 1,000+ users in your organization, you?ll be eligible for the Umbrella Security Report, which provides a detailed security analysis after your Cisco Umbrella free trial ends.

See for Yourself How a Cisco Umbrella Free Trial Helps

Don?t wait until a cyberattack occurs or you face other security issues while managing a more dispersed team. Working with a certified Cisco partner like VNS and utilizing this three-week Cisco Umbrella free trial can help you see firsthand how you can improve your security while simplifying your oversight.

Take advantage of this Cisco Umbrella free trial right away to enhance your on- and off-network protections.